Confidential, Proprietary Information
Employees shall maintain the confidentiality of information (whether or not it is considered proprietary) entrusted to them not only by the Company, but also by suppliers, customers and others related to our business. Confidential information includes all non-public information that, if disclosed, might be of use to our competitors or harmful to the Company, or its customers or suppliers. Examples of confidential information include trade secrets, new product or marketing plans, customer lists, research and development ideas, manufacturing processes, or acquisition or divestiture prospects.

Employees should take steps to safeguard confidential information by keeping such information secure, limiting access to such information to those employees who have a "need to know" in order to do their job, and avoiding discussion of confidential information in public areas.

Confidential information may be disclosed to others when disclosure is authorized by the Company or must be made pursuant to laws or regulations. The obligation to preserve confidential information is ongoing, even after termination of employment.

In addition, visitors are required to read and sign an Agreement to Preserve Confidential Information. By signing this agreement, visitors acknowledge their obligation to preserve trade secrets and confidential information disclosed to them while at Huron.

Reference: Huron Policy Manual - Policies 022 and 023
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